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So, when Kirsten is away, I post on lj once (or more) a day. Suckas!

I didn't end up doing anything exciting today because I ended up picking up a shift. The shift was in housewares, which was pretty strange. That department is just random in general, but it also sucks because I'm responsible for the door, which means that I have to search people when the sensor beeps. Very awkward, particularly since I'm not ethically opposed to stealing from Urban Outfitters (don't tell UO that, though).

This job makes me feel more and more like a boi/y everyday. While we were closing, all the girls working in women's were having this talk about straight relationships and this-is-what-men-do and this-is-what-you-have-to-do-to-make-them-behave (I don't know why I hyphened all of that) and the boys were downstairs and I was working on the landing in between the two, listening to and laughing at the girls, but not at all identifying with it all.

I also overheard these customers talking about some guys they saw and one was like, "I think they were gay" and the other was like "I think they were boyfriends...I think all three of them were boyfriends together." WTF? Who knows, maybe all three of those guys were involved, but it just seemed like a strange conclusion to jump to.

Also, my boss (who is a lesbian) said some weird things about transpeople yesterday. She just kept saying "trannies freak me out...I hate trannies" (the term "tranny" is so weird--I've heard it used on both sides with such drastically different connotations). I didn't know how to respond because, you know, she's my boss. Ugh, life is awkward. I know this anti-trans feeling in the gay/lesbian community is being addressed, but it's so frustrating to me when LGB folks don't GET IT. (Again, this is me being frustrated by the outside-of-Hampshire LGBTQ culture. Or should I say LGB/TQ?)

Okay, that was much longer than I expected it to be. sorry.
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the term "tranny" is so weird--I've heard it used on both sides with such drastically different connotations

That's why I don't like using it. It can either be taken as very offensive or just friendly, which is confusing. I don't want to get into the habit of saying it, 'cause I know one day it'll slip out to the wrong person and they'll be like "WTF?"
Oh, and I know what you mean about anti-trans LGB people. It just makes no sense to me how they can think like that. Like...Argh! Idk, idk.
I know we've discussed this already, but you should maybe say LG/BTQ, unfortunately, since one of the gay men I live with told me he thinks bisexuals are greedy and wasn't even kidding.

And, oh hi, this is Ellen. I made a livejournal, but I haven't really posted in it yet, but maybe I will. Not sure yet.