Lauren (muffinear) wrote,

patterns are not just decorative

Only a week and 4 more shifts until I head back to Hampshire. This summer has treated me very well, but going back will be fun too. At least at first?

Yesterday I got an exemplary write-up at work. It was really sweet and flattering, but I'm still trying to figure out what it means. Well, I know it means nothing since I'm leaving the job in less than a week.

We had an end-of-summer party on Friday, which was a good time. On Wednesday we're having roommate night. I think this may have been the most successful living experience I've had so far. I love my moddies, but living with your best friends can cause a lot of drama. It's just easier to take advantage of people you feel that comfortable with, you know? I've become good friends with my roommates this summer, but we all still have that feeling of responsibility, since we're not close enough to manipulate the situation. You know? But I'm also excited about the rawness, honesty and constant silliness of living with very close friends.

Oh, and I got a twitter account. Don't even ask me why. My username is muffinear.
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