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I won't be talking about real (personal) things

I'm planning on attending the protest in Northampton tomorrow against Proposition 8 and all of the other anti-gay propositions passed on the 4th. I feel I should attend because, (a) most importantly, it's a distraction, (b) I feel guilty for not being in California during all of this Prop. 8 stuff, and (c) I'm excited that the LGBTQ community is finally getting pissed about something. However, I have some problems with all of this activism, and I've been thinking about it especially since Ellen and I discussed it last night. First of all, as Ellen pointed out, with the murder of Duanna Johnson this week, it seems like the LGBTQ has their priorities pretty messed up. I mean, I think most of you know how I feel about marriage anyway. It's not an institution I necessarily agree with, but I think that people should have the right to it. But I also think there are more important fights to be fighting. I'm also confused that people are so much more worked up about CA Proposition 8 than Arkansas' adoption ban. I also think the No on Prop. 8 campaign was very flawed. I mean, I'm glad we're learning from our mistakes, but c'mon. It's a huge problem that the No on Prop. 8 campaign pretty much ignored black voters completely. Look at the ads, they're all white people except for that one Ugly Betty one. That's stupid. Stupid. Whatever, I guess this is how change happens?
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